Manufactured Home Application and Information

What information should I know before applying for a permit?

Parcel Information:

  • Tax Parcel Number where you want to place the home (if applicable, include short plat and lot number).
  • Within a Manufactured Home Park, provide the park name and space number.
  • Provide a site plan.

Specifications of the home:

  • What is the year, make, model.
  • How many bedrooms does the home have.
  • What is the size or dimension of the home (Example: 14' x 60' /  26' x 56')
  • Floor plan

Place of Origin: 

  • New home - is it a factory order or lot model?
  • Used home - where is it currently located.  (Provide prior address or Assessor Tax Parcel number).

General Information: 

Name, address, telephone number and/or email for the following:
  • Property owner
  • Owner of the home if different than the property owner.
  • Manufactured Home Dealer or whom you are purchasing the home from.
  • Contractor and/or certified Installer license and expiration date.

Installation Information:

  • Footing Type (Concrete block, runner (provide design)
  • Skirting Type
  • Tie Downs (type and location)

Zoning Criteria:

Reference YCC Title 19
19.18.270 Manufactured Homes Regulated for Purposes of Siting as Site-Built Homes.
19.18.290 Manufactured / Mobile Home Placement.
  • Roof slope shall be not less than 2:12 (2 foot rise for each 12 feet of horizontal run.)
  • Roofing compatible in appearance with surrounding site-built homes, and consistent with fire safety standards.
  • Siding materials shall be wood, Masonite, or other material compatible with surrounding site-built homes.
  • Pit Set:  Except in floodplains, home shall be "pit set" with the bottom of the floor joist or frame no more than 12 inches above finished grade.  The pit shall be of sufficient depth to accommodate an 18 inch clearance below the frame of the unit with crawl space access located near utility connections.
Yakima County Planning Division - Land Use review requirements:
"Title 19 - "Unified Land Development Code" will become effective October 1, 2015 (adopted May 5, 2015).
Reference Chapter 19, Allowable Land Use Table 19.14-1 for the zoning and land use review criteria.

Is it a mobile home or manufactured home, does it really make a difference?

Yes, the names, or labels, and commonly used terms amongst Manufactured Home or Mobile Home, RV (Recreational Vehicle) may vary depending on the jurisdiction.  Smaller homes also referred to as a Park Model or Park Trailer are actually classified as an RV. 
Modular Buildings are factory-built housing which does not include a Manufactured House.  Modular structures are permitted and inspected as would a site-built residence.

Be careful before you buy as there are different permitting requirements depending the zoning where you intend to place a home, some may have more restrictions, some may not be allowed.  Learn how to identify one and know the difference.  Make sure that your home will meet the Land Use Requirements with the Planning Division and all of your permits are issued before placement of your home.  Failure to do so could result in a code enforcement violation. 

What is the difference between a Manufactured Home and Mobile Home?

  • Manufactured Home is a single-family dwelling built according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards Act, which is a national, preemptive building code. 
  1. Mobile Home is a factory-built dwelling built prior to June 15, 1976 to standards other than the HUD Code, that were acceptable under applicable state codes in effect at the time of construction or introduction of the home into the state. WAC 296-150M.  A mobile home (also know as a pre-HUD home) will need to obtain a fire safety certificate from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries  (any subsequent move will require a separate fire safety certificate.)

Issuance of a permit for placement of the manufactured home, it is only for the manufactured home itself.


Separate permits

are required for the following but not limited to:   

  • Landings over 30" from finished grade to top of the deck.   
  • Porch/patio (any roof cover)    
  • Any additions or alteration.
  • How do I know if the manufactured home has been altered?  Should I get an HRI "homeowner requested inspection" before purchasing?

Additions must be freestanding from the manufactured home.  Additions that are attached to the home or any alteration to the home will require approval from Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. 

Installing a Manufactured or Mobile Home.

Moving a Manufactured Home or Mobile Home - Checklist of things to do.

How long does it take to process my application, when can I get my permit?

     ~  Once an application is submitted with all of the required documents, it takes several days to process.  Other departments will also need to review your application. 

Typical approvals are required for:

Manufactured Home Application

Manufactured Home Information

Title Elimination Request for Permit Information

Washington State Department of Licensing
WSDOL Manufactured Home Application for Title Elimination,Transfer in Location, or Removal from Real Property

The Title Elimination Request for Permit Information form must be completely filled out in order for our staff to locate the appropriate permit.  
Please note that although a permit may have been obtained for placement of a manufactured home, if there was not an approved final inspection, the permit may need to be reinstated or obtain a new permit if the parcel is still located within Yakima County jurisdiction.