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Fire Code Plan Review

Deputy Fire Marshal's  work closely with Architects, Contractors, Fire Protection Engineers, and our Building Plans Examiners on construction projects to ensure that applicable fire and safety measures are in place in accordance with the International Fire Code and other fire safety standards.. Examples of plan review evaluation items are:
  • Access (roads and driveways)
  • Construction type (building materials)
  • Egress and ingress (exits, doors, aisles, corridors)
  • Fire protection (automatic fire sprinklers and alarms, water supply)
  • Hazardous materials and/or processes
  • Occupant load (number of people allowed in the building)
  • Proper classification (occupancy type)
  • Use of building (what the building is used for, i.e. manufacturing, storage, assembly)
International Fire Code
The International Fire Code is a companion to other International Codes. The Fire Code is minimum regulations for fire prevention and fire protection systems using prescriptive and performance-related provisions. The Fire Code includes provisions for the safety and protection of the owner, occupants, and emergency response personnel. The Fire Code and referenced standards are used in the plan review process.

Once the plan review is completed and approved, inspections occur throughout the construction process to ensure the approved plans  are being followed and required fire protection systems are installed and operate as designed.

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