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Electronics Recycling

E-Cycle Washington
Washington now has a free, convenient and environmentally responsible recycling program for computers, monitors, laptops and televisions called E-Cycle Washington for businesses and individuals.
E-Cycle Small Effort Big Return ecyclewashington.org

Items covered under E-Cycle Washington include:

  • All televisions
  • Computer monitors
  • Computer towers
  • E-readers
  • Laptops
  • Portable DVD players (not ones that require being connected to a television set)
  • Tablets

These items are accepted free of charge whether they are functioning, or not. Find out more about E-Cycle Washington by calling 800-RECYCLE or visiting their database online.

Why Recycle Electronics

Many electronics, especially TVs and computers, contain toxic materials such as lead, cadmium and mercury. Reusing and recycling electronics keeps these toxic materials out of our landfills and incinerators and also recovers valuable resources. The electronic equipment this program collects will be taken apart and separated into materials such as glass, plastic, metal and toxic chemicals. All recycling will follow performance standards set up by the Department of Ecology.

In Yakima County, there are several places you can go to recycle electronics:

  • Goodwill locations in Yakima and Sunnyside
  • Salvation Army locations in Yakima County
  • Union Gospel Mission
  • Yakima Waste Systems, Yakima and Granger locations

Yakima County landfill locations are not a part of the E-Cycle Washington network. Please contact E-Cycle Washington directly for their most up to date list of recyclers in our area.

Cell Phone Recycling

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, out of 300 million Americans there are 245 million cell phone users at any given time in our country. The average life span of a cell phone is 18 months and approximately 130 million cell phones will be recycled or thrown away this year. Cell phones contain metals like gold and silver that make them a valuable commodity to recycle. Many organizations also collect and recycle used cell phones and donate them to domestic abuse victims or soldiers overseas. You can also recycle your chargers, batteries and accessories. Always deactivate your cell phone service before recycling your phone.

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