Landfill Fees

Tipping Fees

The price you pay to dispose of your garbage at the County landfills is called a tipping fee. The tipping fee at the county landfills and transfer station is $44 per ton, with a $11  minimum, for disposing garbage. All vehicles are weighed in and out at the scales. Clean yard and wood waste is charged a discounted fee of $22 per ton, with a $7 minimum fee. Yard and wood waste must be free of any painted or other treated wood, particle board, glass, plastics, rocks, sod, pet wastes, food wastes, concrete or any other non-compostable materials.

Any yard waste in plastic bags, and all contaminated loads will be charged at garbage rates, and directed to the garbage disposal site. Save yourself money: bring in your yard and wood waste clean. Certain residential recyclables may be dropped off free at the landfills and transfer station in the recycling bins provided by the county.

Current Rates

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Unit Size
Passenger-sized, up to 20$10.00Each
More than 20 passenger tires$250.00Ton
Truck (semi)$25.00Each
Heavy equipment$150.00Each


Unit Size
Minimum Rate
Deceased Animals
Asbestos - must schedule appointment$85.50Ton$85.50
Clean yard and wood waste$22.00Ton$7.00
Special handling$3.00Yard$12.50
Appliances (residential) w/refrigerant
Unsecured load, 1-3 yards$11.00Yard N/A
Unsecured load, over 3 yards$23.00Yard N/A

Rates include State Refuse Tax.