Listing Comparable Sales

You may obtain comparable sales information from records at the Department of Property Assessments, realtors or title companies. Select the sales of properties that are most comparable to your property/home which sold within 5 years prior to the assessment valuation date on your property. The best sales comparisons are sales of similar properties in your area or neighborhood. For each comparable sale you use, be sure to include the parcel number, property address, date of sale and the sale price. Sales within the last 5 years are permissible; however the closer the sale to the assessment date, the better the comparison. Also include comparable characteristics of the property. Comparable characteristics to consider are:

Market Land
  • Desirable features such as a view or waterfront
  • Location (sales in the same subdivision or neighborhood are the best evidence)
  • Undesirable features such as access problems
  • Unit of comparison (lot size, acreage, square feet, front footage)
  • Water systems and sewer/septic systems.
  • Wetlands
  • Zoning
Building, Crop, Etc.
  • Age and building condition
  • Amenities (pool, fireplace, etc.)
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Square footage of total finished living area
  • Type of construction (wood frame, brick, etc.)
  • Type of crop, age of fruit trees
Other Supporting Evidence to Include
  • A map showing the location of your property and the comparable sales
  • Appraisals prepared by others
  • Documentation by others concerning problems
  • Written estimates of the cost to repair problems
  • Photographs to illustrate repairs or concerns