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  1. Prosecuting Attorney's Blake Relief Request Form
  2. Please provide as much of the information below so that the Prosecuting Attorney's Office can review your request to agree to relief in as timely a manner as possible. Please be advised that our office is receiving numerous requests for relief related to the Blake decision, and we are working to process them as quickly as possible, but it may take some time to respond to your request. Please also be advised, IF YOU ARE WORKING WITH AN ATTORNEY to process your request for relief related to the Blake decision, DO NOT USE THIS FORM, AND DO NOT CONTACT OUR OFFICE DIRECTLY. We are only entitled to communicate with your attorney if you are represented in this manner.
  3. Are you currently on probation/community custody?*
  4. Is there an active warrant for the UPCS case? *
  5. I understand that by submitting this form, I am indicating that I am not currently represented by counsel and am acting pro se (on my own). I also understand that I am not required to submit this form and can, if I choose, present matters directly to the Court either through an attorney or as a pro se litigant. In some circumstances, I might qualify for counsel (possibly at public expense), but I am choosing to use this form instead. I understand the Yakima County Prosecutor’s Office will conduct a criminal history check if the relief sought includes resentencing. I understand the Yakima County Prosecutor’s Office does not represent me in this matter and is prohibited by law from providing legal advice regarding this, or any other, matter, criminal or civil. I further agree the Yakima County Prosecutor’s Office is considering my request for relief as a courtesy in the interests of justice and may require that I file a motion for relief with the court at any time. If you haven’t heard from us within 30 days of your having submitted this form to our office, you should contact us at prosecuting.attorney@co.yakima.wa.us.
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