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Code Enforcement Complaint Form

  1. Report County Code Violations
    This form is to report: Yakima County code violations in unincorporated Yakima County. If you are not sure if the property you are reporting is in unincorporated Yakima County, you can look up property information online. Important tips: Yakima County cannot accept anonymous complaints. See important disclosure information at the end of the form. An accurate and complete address is mandatory. Inaccurate or incomplete information will delay or prevent further processing. Complaints are processed in the order they are received. We will not contact you, unless additional information is required.
  2. Contact Information
  3. Permission for Access*
    May we have permission to enter your property to view the subject violation?
  4. Violation Information
  5. **If you have multiple parcels you would like to submit a complaint on you must submit multiple complaint forms. Code Enforcement will only take action on the first address or parcel you submit with this complaint.
  6. For help searching the parcel please use the links below.
  7. Mark All That Apply
    Please mark any violations you believe are on the subject parcel. Please describe in detail the alleged violation below.
  8. Zoning and Development Violations
  9. Building Violations
  10. Environmental Violations
  11. Nuisance Violations
  12. Have you attempted to work with the property owner to remedy the Matter? If yes, what was the result?
  13. If you have any files you would like to upload with this complaint please insert them here. Limited to one (1) file.
  14. Processing
    Complaints are processed in the order received. We will not contact you, unless additional information is required.
  15. Subject to Public Disclosure Request*
    We appreciate the information you have provided. Please be aware that state law (Chapter 42.56 RCW) states that all records held by public agencies are to be disclosed unless exempt from disclosure.
  16. Leave This Blank:

  17. This field is not part of the form submission.

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