The Building Department Division offer many services for new construction, alterations, additions, relocating structures, change of use, as well as grading permits, flood hazard determination, and placement of modular buildings or manufactured homes.

Project Coordinators previously known as Permit Technicians take in building permit applications, and assist the public directing them to other department or agencies that may also require permits in conjunction with their proposed project.

Prior to issuance of building permits, the Plans Examiner review plans to assure the plans meet the current building code requirements, state, and local codes or regulations.
The Building Inspectors do field inspections to verify the project is constructed according to the approved plans.  Typically, inspections are done from footings, framing, plumbing and mechanical, insulation inspections up to the final inspection.  Various projects may also require additional inspections such as special inspection for bolting depending on the scope of work.

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