Pay for and Obtain Copies of Documents

Please note: Pleadings that are "sealed" or "confidential" cannot be released without a Court Order directing us to do so. If you are a party to the case, or an attorney who has filed a Notice of Appearance in a case, you may obtain such items but they will be provided to you in paper format as internet transmissions are not secured. You may be asked for a copy of your photo ID.

Fill out the Copy Request Form. You will be given an option to submit it by mail, in person or by email. (Begin at the 'First Name' box under 'contact information.')

Be prepared! You will be asked to enter:
Once your Copy Request is completed, submit it to our office. You will be contacted with the amount due if you do not know it. You will need to make your payment either in person, by mail or by using nCourt. If you choose to make payment in person, it must be cash, a cashiers check or a money order (payable to the Yakima County Clerk's Office) as personal checks are not accepted.

Please allow 5 to 7 working days for project completion once our office receives payment.

Using nCourt
If using the nCourt electronic payment service, once you receive your "Confirmation Number" from nCourt, you will then put that on the Copy Request in the designated area. Re-submit your completed form and a Deputy Clerk will process your request. Requests are not processed until payment is received.

If payment is made after business hours, on weekends or holidays, your payment will not be processed until the next business day.