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Senior Citizens & Disabled Person Exemption

You may qualify for a reduction in property tax if you meet all of the following qualifications:
  • You are at least 61 years of age or permanently disabled (unable to pursue an occupation)
  • You own and occupy a house, mobile home or unit of a cooperative housing association
  • You and your spouse or co-tenant(s) have a combined disposable (gross, not taxable) income (including social security benefits) of $40,000 or less
The exemption varies depending on your income. If you think you may qualify, please bring verification of your prior year’s income into the Yakima County Assessor’s Office and file an application for exemption. If you have questions or are unable to come into that office, please call (509) 574-1100 for information. Failure to re-apply or report a status change may result in denial of the exemption and applicable taxes re-instated.

Defer Property Taxes
For senior citizens and disabled persons deferral or other claims for a change in assessed value, those who qualify for the senior citizens and/or disabled persons property tax exemption may also defer property taxes and special assessments on up to 80% of the equity in their home. Contact the Yakima County Assessor’s Office for information regarding exemptions.

For more information regarding property tax exemptions and deferrals.

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