Community Preparedness Program

About the program
The YVOEM Community Preparedness Program offers classes that are open to all members of the community and give everyone the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills as well as become better prepared for all the hazards that face our community. These basic classes follow the Community Emergency Response Team curriculum and will get you prepared to adapt and respond to disasters. Classes are scheduled monthly during the evening for 1.5 hours to accommodate for participants and instructor’s schedules but full classes can be offered if there is a large interest.

How Does the Community Preparedness Program benefit you? 
Who wouldn’t want to be better prepared for any type of hazard that might strike their area whether it be a fire, flood, earthquake or even a terrorist attack?! Do you know how you would respond and recover from the aftermath of a emergency or disaster? We all have our ideas but why not learn from the people who work in the field every day?

Did you know…

  •  There is a very good chance that your neighborhood will be on its own during the early stages following a catastrophic disaster.
  •  After a catastrophic disaster, citizens will volunteer to help.  Without proper training these people can expose themselves to potential injury and even death!
  •  Experience has shown that basic training in disaster survival and rescue skills improves the ability of citizens to survive until responders or other assistance arrives.


Disaster Preparedness:

Instructs you how to prepare yourself and your neighborhoods for the various hazards that may occur.

Disaster Psychology: 

Covers critical incident stress for victims as well as workers.

Medical Operations: 

Learn how to conduct triage, establish medical treatment areas, and provide basic disaster medical services.

Damage Assessment:

Learn how to recognize hazards for safe entry into any building.


Learn what terrorism is and how to identify and prepare for attacks.

Fire Suppression:  

Learn how to use extinguishers and other equipment to suppress small fires.

Light Search and Rescue: 

Learn light search and rescue planning, techniques, and rescuer safety.