Groundwater Management

Pollution Control Hearings Board Decision on GWMA Program 

On March 19, 2021, the Pollution Control Hearings Board concluded that the Lower Yakima Valley GWMA Program, adopted by the Groundwater Advisory Committee (GWAC) in 2018, was properly certified by the Department of Ecology.


The purpose of the Groundwater Management Area is to reduce the nitrate contamination concentrations in groundwater below state drinking water standards.

On July 29, 2019, the Department of Ecology granted the request of the Lower Yakima Valley Groundwater Advisory Committee to certify the Lower Yakima Valley Groundwater Management Area Program.

The letter of certification can be found here.

The Program now enters the implementation phase and can be reviewed here.

Executive Summary
Volume I - Narrative
Volume II - Appendices
Volume III - Accomplishments
Volume IV - Member Contributions

Supporting Documents:
GWMA Program Findings
GWMA Program Edits List
Response to Comments
Concurrence Letters:
Sunnyside Division Board of Control Concurrence Letter
Yakima Health District Concurrence Letter
South Yakima Conservation Concurrence Letter
Yakima County Concurrence Letter
June 20, 2019 Meeting Presentations:
Program Timeline
Initial Ambient Monitoring Well Report-June 2019
LYV Groundwater Advisory Committee (GWAC) Approves GWMA Program 

On December 13, 2018, the GWAC approved the technically-edited version of the GWMA Program. The GWAC-adopted version can be viewed here:
Volume I-Narrative(adopted by GWAC 12_13_18)  
Volume II-Appendices(adopted by GWAC 12_13_18)  
Volume III-GWAC Accomplishments(adopted by GWAC 12_13_18)  
Volume IV-Member Contributions(adopted by GWAC 12_13_18)  

Minority Reports GWMA by Jean Mendoza:

Earlier Drafts Released to the GWAC 

  1. YKM County Nov GWMA Program Volume I 
  2. YKM County Nov GWMA Program Volume II 
  3. Sources of Nitrates and the Regulatory Environment Draft VS Released to GWAC 03.01.2018 
  4. Program References Draft Version 2 Released to GWAC 03.01.2018 
  5. Environmental Effects Draft Version 2 Released to GWAC 03.01.2018 
  6. Appendices A B C D E Draft Version 2 Released to the GWAC 03.01.2018 
  7. Characterization of the Area Draft Version 2 Released to GWAC 03.01.2018 
  8. Volume II 8-2-2018 
  9. Volume I 8-2-2018
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