GWAC Committee Members

Committee Members


  • Commissioner Norm Childress, Yakima County Board of Commissioners
  • Lino Guerra, Hispanic Community Representative
    Alternate: Rick Perez
  • Patricia Newhouse, Lower Valley Community Representative Position 2
    Alternate: Sue Wedam
  • Jan Whitefoot, Concerned Citizens of the Yakama Reservation
    Alternate: Jim Dyjak
  • Jason Sheehan, Yakima Dairy Federation
    Alternate: Dan DeGroot
  • Laurie Crowe, South Yakima Conservation District
    Alternate: Rodney Heit
  • Holly Myers, Yakima Health District
    Alternate: Ryan Ibach
  • Lucy Edmondson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    Alternate: Nick Peak
  • Gary Bahr, Washington Department of Agriculture
    Alternate: Perry Beale
  • David Bowen, Washington Department of Ecology
    Alternate: Sage Park
  • Jessica Black, Heritage University
Alternate: Alexander V. Alexiades
  • Stuart Turner, Turner and Co. and Agronomist
    Alternate: Chelsea Durfey
  • Bud Rogers, Lower Valley Community Representative Position 1
    Alternate: Kathleen Rogers
  • Jean Mendoza, Friends of Toppenish Creek
    Alternate: Eric Anderson
  • Steve George, Yakima County Farm Bureau
    Alternate: Frank Lyall
  • Ron Cowin, Sunnyside Roza Joint Board of Control
  • John VanWingerden III, Port of Sunnyside
    Alternate: (vacant)
  • Dr. Troy Peters, WSU Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center
  • Elizabeth Sanchey, Yakama Nation
    Alternate: Stuart Crane
  • Andy Cervantes, Washington Department of Health
    Alternate: Sheryl Howe
  • Doug Simpson, Irrigated Crop Producer
  • Matt Bachmann, US Geological Survey


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