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How do Certified Court Interpreters assist the Court?

Certified Court Interpreters assist the court by interpreting the court proceedings to non-English speaking individuals. This is done in a variety of ways: 

  • Simultaneous Interpreting - The interpreter is interpreting at the same time someone is speaking.
  • Consecutive Interpreting - After a court participant speaks a sentence or phrase the court waits while the phrase is interpreted for all the participants.
  • Sight Translation - This is when a document is interpreted and read from one language to another for a court participant.
  1. FAQs for Parties Needing Interpretation
  2. FAQs for Those Wanting to Become an Interpreter for the Court

FAQs for Participants Needing Interpretation

How do I request an interpreter?

You can request an interpreter by filling out an Interpreter Request Form and giving it to the Clerk's office on the third floor of the Courthouse in Room 323 or by visiting the Clerk's office before your first hearing. If you need assistance filling out the form, the Clerk's office will be able to assist. You can also call the Court Admin office at 509.574.2710.

Do I get to talk to the interpreter before court?

The purpose of the interpreter is to help you understand the communication between all parties involved and the judge. Because of the code of conduct that the interpreters work under, the interpreter is not allowed to give legal advice or instruction aside from translating the information given to you by a judge or attorney. In addition, the interpreter has a schedule to keep and will need to assist others, potentially in a different courtroom or building.

Will it always be the same interpreter?

We assign an interpreter to each of your hearings individually. It is very likely you will have a different interpreter each time. Most our interpreters are freelance the availability of our interpreters varies each day. The interpreter assigned to your hearing is based on this availability and could change from one hearing to the next.

Can I bring my own interpreter?

Interpreters must be a Washington State Certified Court interpreter for trials. Qualified Court Interpreters can be used if they are given permission by the judicial officer hearing your matter before the court. Qualified Court Interpreters are defined as a person who speaks English and their second language fluently. They must know legal terms in both languages, they understand the legal process, and they always stay neutral and impartial.


Please contact our Court Interpreter Coordinator at 509.574.2715 or by emailing her at Chela.Fisk@co.yakima.wa.us

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