Check the Format Guidelines and other requirements to ensure your documents comply with Court requirements.

General Rules of Application (GR)

The below is a list of frequently inquired about General Rules. For a complete listing of all the General Rules, please refer to Washington State Court Rules - General Rules.

Local Forms

For use in all case matters:

For use in all civil case type matters:

Domestic / Family Law Litigation

Domestic/Family Law litigation is in instances such as divorce, legal separation, child custody, child visitation, support modification, parenting plan, and contempt of court.

Additional information, ‘do it yourself packets' and Court Facilitator contact information can be found under the Family Law section of this website.

Request for fee waiver - See above under GR 34.

Yakima County Visitation Guidelines:

Other forms required:

Probate & Estate Matters

Forms for depositing or withdrawing wills of living persons, can be found under the Wills and Probate page of this website.

Adoption Matters

Additional information may be found under the Adoption section of this website.


Download the necessary forms for appeals to Superior Court and appeals from Superior Court on the Appeals page.

Format Guidelines