All adoption records are confidential in accordance with state and federal laws.

If you are a party who seeks to locate their birth parents, there are a number of resources available to assist you. 

Confidential Intermediaries

Washington State does not have a central registry of adoption records. In order to gain access to confidential identifying information, a court order must be obtained. Washington State utilizes court-appointed "Confidential Intermediaries" to assist in the search process.  Click here for List of Confidential Intermediaries (PDF).

Petition for Non-Identifying Adoption Information

If you believe there is an adoption in Yakima County, State of Washington, in which you were involved, you can request limited information by filling out and submitting the form: Petition for Non-Identifying Adoption Information (PDF), photo identification and the required fee, to the address on the form. This form may vary for different counties.

If you are a party who seeks to adopt a child you should seek legal counsel to assist you with the complex legal factors. The Yakima County Clerk's Office does not provide forms for adoption matters.