New Case Requirements

Please review the requirements prior to filing your matter. Not all matters can be started by a private person. Some are started by a State agency.

It is your responsibility to check the RCWs, General Rules (GRs) and Juvenile Court Rules (JuCR's) to ensure proper legal procedures.
Notice: The Clerk's staff cannot assist you or give legal advice. It is advisable you contact an attorney to assist you.

Finishing & Filing Forms

Any finished forms you file, must be completed neatly. You may type them, or print them using black ink. Only documents with original, inked signatures can be filed in the clerk's office or provided for a Judge's signature. Remember if we can't read it, neither can anyone else. This may cause you frustration after your case is completed and you need to refer back to your documents.

Once your matter is filed, Local Court Rule (LCR7) requires motions and other papers to be filed with the Clerk at least 5 days prior to the day you (or the moving party) desire the matter to be heard in court. This is to assist in getting the pleadings processed, forwarded to the Court file and to the Judge for review prior to your hearing.


Hearings will be held at:
Juvenile Justice Center
1728 Jerome Avenue
Yakima, WA 98901

Please review the section on Courtroom Conduct.