Courtroom Conduct

Courtroom Conduct
  • Dress properly and be polite. Be respectful to the Court, the Court Clerk, Court staff members, the other party and any witnesses. Do not interrupt others when they are speaking. Both sides will be given a chance to tell their side of the story.
  • Remember that the Court is hearing a specific set of facts depending upon the type of matter you have presented for that hearing. The Court may ask questions of you to help them understand your situation and requests.
  • Parties may want to object to information. Be aware, however, that as long as the information is helpful to the Court, it most likely will review the information. The Court will determine how helpful the information is. The Court may interrupt if it feels that the information is not helpful.
  • Parties may bring sworn statements or declarations to court to submit instead of live testimony. Blank sworn statement forms are available at the County Clerk's Office of from their website. Please write your case number on the form(s) in the appropriate place.
  • Any documents, including photographs, police reports, medical records, sworn statements or declarations will be required to be shared with the other party. If you are bringing a copy to show the Court, bring an extra copy for the other party. If you do not do this, the hearing will be interrupted in order to allow the other party to review the information. Information which a party refuses to show the other party will not be considered by the court. Any information being presented must follow General Rule 22.
  • Once the Court has heard all of the information from both sides, it will state its decision. Do not interrupt the Court at that time, even if you disagree with the court.
  • Copies of items signed by the Court during your hearing can be obtained at the Clerk's Office. To obtain them, once you leave the Courtroom, go to the Clerk's Office and request them. Copy fees will apply.