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Pay for Court Ordered Restitution or Court Costs

Felony Convictions
Adults that have been convicted of a crime in the Superior Court may have been assessed court costs and restitution.

Pursuant to RCW 10.82.090 interest is assessed at 1% per month. Please also refer to your Judgment And Sentence for additional information regarding financial obligations, interest and collection. A Judgment and Sentence is a document filed in your court case at the time of sentencing.

Defendants are required to report to the County Clerk's Office within 72 hours of their release from any correctional facility to discuss payment of the legal financial obligations assessed by the court.

In Yakima County Superior Court, monthly payments are required and are set either by the Court or the Clerk's Financial Deputy. Payments established by the Department of Corrections (Probation) are strictly for Probation. You will be assessed a collection fee according to RCW 36.18.016.

Payments must be made in cash, money order, or cashiers check (personal checks are not accepted). Payments may also be made with credit/debit cards at nCourt or by calling 1-800-701-8560 - the "Organization Name" is "Yakima Superior Court." Please see the Pay Online section of this website for additional information. If payments are not made as required, a violation process may be initiated requiring you to report to the court on a specified date. Payments made after business hours, on weekends or holidays, will be processed the next business day.


If your account has been turned over to collection, follow the payment arrangements the collection company has made with you. Otherwise, if you pay on a case that is in collection, our office will place the payment on a case that is not in collection (if applicable), or any case you have that is related to drug court or diversion.

Following Payment
Payments are deposited into the Court Registry. The Court then disburses those payments to the victims (and/or State Agencies if directed in the Judgment and Sentence). If you are a victim who the Court has ordered payment(s) to, it is important that the Clerk's Office be made aware of any changes to your mailing address. Please call and ask to speak to a member of our financial department. You may be asked to provide some case specific information to help us identify you correctly. Our office will not ask for personal information such as Date of Birth or Social Security Numbers. We may however ask you to verify information already on file, that we will provide to you.

Go to Pay Online / nCourt

Please note: Payments made through nCourt for restitution payments / legal financial obligations will not be receipted into our system until the payment is received at our bank. This could take up to 2 weeks. Our office will take this into consideration when processing Legal Financial Obligation (LFO) payments and suspend the collection process an additional 2 weeks to compensate for the delay.
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