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Jury Duty

If you receive a call about jury service and they ask for money, DO NOT make any payments to them.  Please notify law enforcement immediately.

Jury duty and your Covid-19 concerns:   The Courts have your safety concerns in mind as we return to normal operations.  Additional information may be presented to you on your first day of 'check-in' for jury service.  If you have concerns, you will have an opportunity to address them directly with the Judge hearing the case.  Masks are optional.  Pursuant to changing Health Authorities directives, a short health screening (taking of your temperature) may be done upon arrival to the check in area.  All jury duty & selection is performed in person.

For jury duty in: 

  • Grandview Municipal Court
  • Union Gap Municipal Court
  • Yakima District Court
  • Yakima Municipal Court
  • Yakima Superior Court

The Yakima County Clerk/Jury Administrator processes prospective jurors for all of these jurisdictions.

 Please verify on your form (or envelope), which Court/Jurisdiction has summoned you. If it is from the U.S. District Court (also known as Federal Court), you must contact them directly as they are an entirely different court system, and the remaining information on this website does not apply to you.

1st Day You Report for Service

When your group number is required to report, please report on time. Oftentimes, you will be reporting to a specific courtroom for the initial check in, as those rooms have the largest seating capacity. You will receive a brief explanation of your responsibilities by the Jury Administrator or a Deputy Clerk. It is recommended that you bring reading material as there may be some waiting periods. Do not bring items that could be used as weapons (such as knives or knitting needles).

Late Reporting Jurors

For jurors not yet empaneled/seated on a specific case:

  • If you report late for jury service, you may find a sign directing you to report to the Jury Office. The Jury Administrator will arrange a "make up day" for you. The court must remain on schedule and is not able to wait for you.

For jurors who are seated on a specific case (empaneled):

  • Call the number on the back of the badge given to you by your Bailiff.

Payment for Service

Jurors are paid $10 per each day of service, plus round trip mileage from your home to the courthouse. Mileage is paid at the current state rate. Discrepancies in mileages are resolved by the use of MapQuest or other available mapping solutions. Payment is usually processed and issued 2 to 6 weeks after your jury service is completed. You are only paid for days you were required to be present. Questions regarding missing or incorrect payments should be made to the Jury Administrator. Yakima County employees please see the Employer/Employee Verification section for further information.


NOTICE: As of February 5, 2024, the City of Yakima started a road improvement project near the courthouse, which is impacting the lanes, traffic lights, and access to parking. Please refer to this map for further information. 

If you are reporting for Jury Duty, you will want to allow for more time to park due to increased traffic and limited availability.

Failure to Appear

A person summoned for jury service who intentionally fails to appear as directed shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

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