Requests to be Rescheduled or Excused

Previous excusals do not warrant future excusals. Each instance must be addressed as if it is the 1st time the court is hearing your request. We do not maintain records (from previous years in which you may have been summoned) of your previous medical or previous requests to be excused. A request to be excused does not mean you are automatically excused. Each request is reviewed by the Court and a written response is given to the prospective juror. If it is a time sensitive issue, you will be contacted by phone at the number you provide.

All requests must be in writing. (RCW 2.36.072)

Please do not telephone the Clerk's Office asking to be excused as requests cannot be taken over the phone.

Entering a Request
The questionnaire (PDF) must be completed and returned, even if you have a request to be excused. The court will not entertain your request unless you complete the required questionnaire. You may add an additional page to convey your situation and request, if needed. As noted on the questionnaire, you will need to provide supporting documentation for the following:
  • Students - Attach a school schedule from the school website or Registrar's Office as proof of enrollment during the jury term. Parents should forward the questionnaire to the summoned person/student. If they are attending college outside the United States please have the student contact our office directly.
  • Moved out of Yakima County - Attach a copy of your state issued drivers license showing the non-Yakima County address.
  • Military - Attach a copy of duty station orders/directives (a spouse or legal Power of Attorney may do this on your behalf - they must print and sign their name, if applicable, with "poa" afterwards).
  • Medical - Briefly explain the nature of the situation and attach a signed note by a primary care physician which states why in their professional opinion, the disability prevents your participation in jury service. If it is a temporary or short duration medical situation, you will be rescheduled.
Any other reasons or requests -including requests to be rescheduled, must also be placed in writing with enough detail for the Court to gain an understanding into why Jury Service may be difficult for you at this time. If you seek a postponement or rescheduled service, please indicated the calendar dates you prefer and we will attempt to accommodate that. Jurors may receive 1 postponement/rescheduled service.

RCW governing excusals: RCW 2.36.100

Request Denial
No person may be excused from jury service by the Court except upon showing of undue hardship, extreme inconvenience, public necessity, or any other reasons deemed sufficient by the court for a period of time the court deems necessary.  RCW 2.36.100