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Family Law

The following items fall under "Family Law" litigation:

  • Child Custody -by a Parent
  • Minor Guardianship ( a Child Custody - by a non Parent)
  • Child Relocation - When you are relocating a child to a new residence
  • Contempt - When a previous court order or decision is not being followed
  • Divorce - Dissolution of Marriage/Invalidity of Marriage/Legal Separation
  • Parenting Plan Modification - Also called ‘Custody Modification' - Change custody/visitation/residence of child
  • Paternity - Non-married parents
  • Support Modification - To change the financial support amount(s) - previously established by court order- for dependent children / spouses.
  • Dissolution of Domestic Partnerships or Committed, Intimate Relationships.

In addition and related to the above:

  • Yakima County requires all hearings to be confirmed.  You can find information about Confirmation here.

Before You Start Your Case

Please consult with the Court Facilitator to ensure you:

  1. Are filing the correct case type and forms, and
  2. Are purchasing the correct forms or booklet for your situation. The Court Facilitator sells ‘booklets' which contain instructions and forms for the Family Law matters listed above.

There are no refunds for forms or booklets!

See the resources and other contacts part of this website for additional links such as:

The majority of information herein is taken from the Washington State Courts website.

Revised Code of Washington (RCW) & General Rules (GR)

It is your responsibility to check the RCWs and GRs to ensure proper legal procedures.

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