Defensive Driving Classes
Probation Services offers two different defensive driving classes - Traffic School and Defensive Driving School.  The focus of these classes are to assist participants in discovering how their values and attitudes affect their driving behavior. Additionally, participants will learn how to make positive choices about their driving behavior.  An objective of the defensive driving classes is to educate participants about law abiding behavior and safe driving.  Both classes are equipped with an instructor/facilitator who will utilize teaching techniques that are designed to generate participation among the attendees.   Additionally, the instructor will utilize study materials, videos and some lecture as part of the teaching curriculum.
Traffic School
This class is targeted for age 16-24 years old.
Available in English only.
Defensive Driving School 
This class is targeted for ages 25 years and up.
Available in English and Spanish.

Cost Recovery
This class is offered in both English & Spanish

This class is designed for a variety of relatively minor theft offenses.  Participants are encouraged to develop a personal commitment plan to avoid future theft-related problems and/or arrest. 

Some objectives of the course include:

  • Examination of how values and attitudes impact behavior.
  • Acceptance of responsibility of actions that led to the participant's arrest.
  • Understand the consequences of future illegal behavior.
  • Assist participants to identify the importance of making better future decision


All classes are 4 hours long.  There is a $120.00 fee for each class.  Payment is required ahead of time to attend any of the classes listed.  Please note that the fee is nonrefundable.  If you miss the class that you are scheduled for you can reschedule once.  If you miss both classes you must repay the $120.00 fee.  

To reschedule a missed class you must contact the Program Coordinator, Vita Alvarez - 509-574-1892, as soon as possible.