Consumer Theft Awareness Class (online or in-person)

This class is designed for a variety of relatively minor theft offenses.  Participants are encouraged to develop a personal commitment plan to avoid future theft-related problems and/or arrest.  This 4 hour online course is offered in both English & Spanish.  An in-person class is available and limited to those who are unable to take the course online.       

 To register for the Consumer Theft Awareness Class CLICK HERE!

Parenting Skills Class (online only)

This 8-hour parenting skills class is an online course designed to enhance parenting techniques to better meet the developmental needs of children as they grow.  This course is offered in both Spanish and English.  Topics covered include; raising the next generation, parenting basics, what children need, role modeling, child neglect and abuse, and what children deserve.

To register for the Parenting Skills Class CLICK HERE!

Anger Management Class (online only)

This 12-hour course is designed to develop the necessary skills for maintaining positive relationships and reducing stress.  Participants will learn how to identify triggers, manage emotions in a health way and communicate effectively.   This course is offered in both English and Spanish. 

To register for the Anger Management Class CLICK HERE!    

Defensive Driving Class (online or in-person)

Probation Services offers defensive driving courses. The focus of our defensive driving course is to assist participants in discovering how their values and attitudes affect their driving behavior. Participants will learn how to make positive choices about their driving behavior.  The objective of the defensive driving course is to educate participants about law abiding behavior and safe driving.  The online option allows students to conveniently complete the course on their own time while not affecting their school or work schedule.  An in-person course is available and is limited to those who are unable to take the course online.

To register for the Defensive Driving Class choose the correct link below.
          If you are taking the class due to receiving an infraction CLICK HERE!
Examples of an infraction:  Speeding, Negligent Driving 2, No Seatbelt, Using Cell Phone, etc. 

          If you are taking the class due to a criminal charge CLICK HERE!
Examples of a criminal charge:  DUI, Reckless Driving, Negligent Driving 1, Racing, etc.

Once you have started the course you can get back into it through the following link:


All online classes are available to all ages in English and Spanish. You must pay for the class first.  After you have paid for the class you will receive an email within 3 business days with instructions and an access code to start the course. 


All classes are 4 hours long except the Parenting Skills Course which is 8 hours long.  There is a $120.00 fee for each class.  Payment is required ahead of time to attend any of the classes listed.  Please note that the fee is nonrefundable.  If you miss the class that you are scheduled for you can reschedule once.  If you miss both classes you must repay the $120.00 fee.  

To reschedule a missed class you must contact the Program Coordinator, Vita Alvarez  either by phone at 509-574-1892 or email at as soon as possible.