Other voter registration services

Seasonal Residents (Snowbirds)
Just because you are out of town during an election doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't vote.  Please help ensure that your ballot is not delayed and is mailed to your correct address.  Provide us the first and last days you receive mail at your destination and we'll mail your ballot to that address between those dates.

Send us an email or call us at 800-833-0569. 

College Students
Keep your mailing address updated to make sure you get your ballot!

Your residential or home address determines which candidates and measures will be on your ballot, but you can have your ballot mailed to you anywhere.  For example, you may list your parents' home as your residential address, but a PO Box at college as your mailing address.  Be sure to include your dormitory and/or room number.

You may only vote once, in one county, in one state.  Keep this in mind when deciding if you want to list your home or school address for your residential address on your voter registration.

Visit MyVote to update your registration.

Cancelling a Registration
If you move out of state or wish to voluntarily cancel your voter registration, please print, sign, and return a Voter Registration Cancellation Form (PDF).   

Report a Deceased Voter     
If you are a registered voter, you may report the death of another voter. Please print, sign and return a request (PDF).   

Restoring Your Voting Rights     
If you were convicted of a felony in Washington State court, your right to vote will be restored automatically as long as you are not currently serving a sentence of total confinement in prison.

If you were convicted of a felony in another state or in federal court, your right to vote is restored automatically as long as you are not currently incarcerated for that felony.

You do not lose the right to vote for a misdemeanor conviction or a conviction in juvenile court.

You do not need a certificate of discharge (COD) to have your voting rights restored.

Once your right to vote is restored, you must re-register in order to receive a ballot. You can register online, by mail or at the County Auditor's office. You do not lose the right to vote for a misdemeanor conviction or a conviction in juvenile court.
Address Confidentiality Program     
The Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) assists crime victims (specifically victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking and stalking) who have relocated to avoid further abuse. The Program helps participants keep their new location secret by providing a substitute mailing address. The Program also allows participants to register to vote and apply for marriage licenses without creating public records and revealing their actual address.
For more information, go online or call 800-822-1065 (Washington only).

Non-Traditional Residential Address & Homeless Voters     
If you don't have a traditional home address, you can still register to vote. You may use the location of the shelter, motor home, park or other identifiable location you consider to be your home as your voting residence address.

You must also provide a mailing address. A mailing address is important to make sure that you receive your ballots on time. You can use a post office box, the address of a friend or relative, shelter, or general delivery at a local post office.

Voter concern form     
If you believe fraud, discrimination, or irregularities have taken place, submit your concern here.

Voter registration challenges     

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