Name Changes

Filing for a Name Change

  • Filing fee for a name change is $296.50. This pays for the filing and recording fees and provides you with 1 certified copy of the signed name change order.
  • All filing fees are non-refundable.

Payment Method

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Money Order
If you choose to pay by check your case will be set out approximately 2 weeks for accounting purposes.

Filing Procedure

  • Review the name change information sheet.
  • Complete, in black ink, the appropriate petition and order for either the adult or minor child name.
  • If you are petitioning on behalf of a minor child you must file a copy of the child’s birth certificate with the court.
  • Once completed, return to Civil Dept Room 225 of the Yakima County Courthouse or our Grandview location, with completed documents and picture identification.
  • File your paperwork and pay the filing fee.

Forms Required

Important Note

Petitions for a name change for a minor child requires a signature from both biological parents. If you are unable to locate the other parent please advise civil department clerk at the time you are attempting to file.

Court Hearings

In Yakima, you will be given your court date when your case is filed. We are limited to only 6 hearings each week so it is a first come first served basis.

In Grandview, name changes are held on even Mondays at 9:00 a.m. We are limited to only 4 settings per court session. At the time of filing, the clerk will inform you of when your court hearing is scheduled.  
If your petition is granted, you will receive one certified copy of the signed order of name change. Any additional copies of the name change order must be obtained at the Auditors Office on the first floor. The court will file the original with the Auditor’s Office for recording purposes.  Please be advised that the petitioner is responsible for notifying the Health Department, Department of Licensing or any other agencies or governmental entities of the name change. The court does not do that for you.