Yakima Valley Broadband Action Team

Yakima County invites community member participation in the Yakima Valley Broadband Action Team. The Broadband Action Team (BAT) meets with the goal of collecting feedback and information that will help Yakima County in applying for grants to expand infrastructure, and in promoting and coordinating services to expand digital equity across our community.

BAT Teams

The Yakima Valley Broadband Action Team

This is the general membership group, which anyone is invited to participate in. Yakima County is especially seeking organizations who serve individuals living in low-income households, aging individuals, incarcerated individuals, veterans, individuals with disabilities, English language learners, individuals with low levels of literacy, individuals who are members of racial or ethnic minorities, individuals who primarily reside in a rural area, children and youth in foster care, and individuals experiencing housing instability.

The YVBAT Community Outreach Team

This team is for people and agencies which seek to do outreach regarding BAT initiatives. This can include social media people, people with email distribution lists, newsletter writers, etc.

The YVBAT Infrastructure Team

This team is for people and agencies who focus on physical broadband infrastructure.

The YVBAT Digital Equity Team

This team is for people and agencies who want to focus on internet affordability, digital literacy, access to devices, etc.

How to Get Involved

Crucially, the Yakima Valley BAT is requesting local organizations to assist in the broadband grant application effort by filling out the Digital Equity Asset Inventory worksheet before May 1st, 2023. Information provided in this worksheet will help Yakima County enhance the quality and competitiveness of applications for broadband infrastructure funding.

To join the BAT or any of the teams within it, email HumanServices@co.yakima.wa.us, or call (509) 574-1365.


For many people, internet access has gone from a luxury to a necessity. As more and more resources transition online in response to COVID-19, access to education, healthcare, the criminal justice system, social services, and sometimes even employment opportunities all increasingly require adequate and consistent internet access. We know many households in our community struggle with being able to operate effectively online, that's why the Yakima County Department of Human Services is working with the Yakima Valley Community Foundation and our partners on the Broadband Action Team to Connect Our Valley online.

Please find details about the Yakima Valley Broadband Action Team and take our Speed Test to find our your true internet speed here.

Para muchas personas, el acceso a internet ha pasado de ser un lujo a una necesidad. A medida que más y más recursos se transfieren en línea en respuesta a COVID-19, el acceso a la educación, atención médica, sistema de justicia penal, servicios sociales y, a veces, incluso las oportunidades de empleo, requieren cada vez más un acceso a internet adecuado y constante. Sabemos que muchos hogares en nuestra comunidad luchan por poder operar en línea de manera efectiva, por eso el Departamento de Servicios Humanos del Condado de Yakima está trabajando con la Fundación Comunitaria del Valle de Yakima y nuestros socios en el Equipo de Acción de Banda Ancha para conectar en  línea a nuestro valle. 

Encuentre detalles sobre el equipo de acción de banda ancha de Yakima Valley y realice aquí nuestra prueba de velocidad de internet.