DUI Court Program Admission

 To be considered for admission into the DUI Court Program, the prospective participant must complete the following: 
  • Meet eligibility requirements.
  • Attend a minimum of two DUI Court sessions prior to admission.
  • Participate in the DUI Rant screen to determine risk/need.
  • Participate in an assessment and be assessed as dependent on alcohol/drugs.
  • Review participant handbook with treatment counselor and/or probation officer for the team.

Program Phases

The following table outlines the steps identified by the DUI court team that clients must progress through to complete each of the four phases of the DUI court program.

  1. Phase One
  2. Phase Two
  3. Phase Three
  4. Phase Four
Phase Goals Expectations of Participant Phase Advancement Requirements
Phase: One
​ Minimum of
​3 months
The participant will most likely come into ​DUI Court in the Pre-
​contemplative stage of change. This is not so much a stage, but
rather a prelude to the formal stages
of change. The participant
does not seriously
​consider the idea of
​change and is not yet
​acknowledging that there is a problem
​behavior that needs to 
Chief Goal:
​Engagement and
​communication with
​the objective of
​building an alliance
​and relationship with
​the participant.
Participant will:
• Attend and comply with Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment,
Mental Health Treatment and/or other treatment recommended
by your treatment case manager or treatment provider.
 • Attend and participate in face to face appointments with
your probation officer at least once a week or as directed by
your probation officer.
 • You will be subjected to random home visits by your probation
officer and/or law enforcement.
 • Appear every week in DUI court or as required by DUI court
Judge. If just recently released from in-custody, you will be required
to appear at the next DUI court session. DUI court is every Thursday
at 3:00 p.m. or as otherwise directed.
 • Call UA color line daily for random UA’s and take UA as directed.
 • Attend and participate in five self-help groups each week or as recommended by your treatment case manager. This could include AA, NA, Rational Recovery or other sober support as approved by your treatment case manager. Verify weekly attendance w/your probation officer or treatment case manager.
 • Obtain a sponsor that is verified by your treatment case manager. Maintain weekly contact with sponsor.
• Live in a clean & sober environment approved by the DUI Court, this may include moving into a clean & sober housing facility.
 • If you have an ignition interlock installed in your vehicle you must use one that is equipped with a camera.
 • Work on driver’s license issues.
 • Obtain a physical exam from a doctor.
 • Comply with all court orders.

Write an essay indicating
​why you should be promoted to Phase 2. Essay should include accomplishments
​achieved to this point, sanctions and behaviors
changed to overcome
possible repeat behavior. 

Not have incurred any DUI court program violations 30 days
prior to promotion to next phase.

Regular court appearances 
​Progress with treatment plan 
​Sponsor verified