DUI Court Program Admission

 To be considered for admission into the DUI Court Program, the prospective participant must complete the following: 
  • Meet eligibility requirements.
  • Attend a minimum of two DUI Court sessions prior to admission.
  • Participate in the DUI Rant screen to determine risk/need.
  • Participate in an assessment and be assessed as dependent on alcohol/drugs.
  • Review participant handbook with treatment counselor and/or probation officer for the team.

Program Phases

The following table outlines the steps identified by the DUI court team that clients must progress through to complete each of the five phases of the DUI court program.

  1. Phase One
  2. Phase Two
  3. Phase Three
  4. Phase Four
Phase Goals Expectations of Participant Phase Advancement Requirements
Phase: One

Acute Stabilization

​ Minimum of
​2 months
The participant will most likely come into ​DUI Court in the Pre-
stage of change. This is not so much a stage, but
rather a prelude to the formal stages
of change. The participant
does not seriously
​consider the idea of
​change and is not yet
​acknowledging that there is a problem
​behavior that needs to change.
Chief Goal:
​Engagement and
​communication with
​the objective of
​building an alliance
​and relationship with
​the participant.
Participant will:

• Report to court Every week or as required by DUI Court Judge.
 • Call Color Line daily and comply with random UA requriements.
 • Comply with random home visits.
 • Report to probation weekly or as directed by probation officer.
 • Completed treatment assessment and comply with all treatment recommendations.
 •Complete Mental Health assessment and comply with all recommendations.
 • Complete physical exam.
• Live in clean and sober environment.
 • Install Ignition Interlock Device as required by DOL.
 • Comply with all court orders.

Minimum 14 days sober

Compliance with program

No sanctions within 14 days of promotion date

Complete Phase 2 application an dwrite essay about why you should be promoted to Phase 2