Referral Process

If a defendant intends to pursue DCP then defense counsel must file the following documents with the court: 

The defendant will need to observe DUI Court twice and schedule an assessment with Merit Resource Services. DUI Court is every Thursday afternoon at 3:00pm. After the defendant has observed twice the Program Coordinator will schedule a meeting with them to complete the risk/need assessment and screening interview.

Screening Process

Prior to admission into the DUI Court Program, every potential participant must meet with the teams Program Coordinator to be screened to determine level of risk/need.  In addition the Program Coordinator will conduct a brief interview to get some information that is necessary for the team to make a decision regarding admission. 

If the defendant screens as high risk/high need, and is referred for a alcohol/drug assessment, it is the responsibility of the defendant to arrange that meeting with Merit Resource Services.  At that meeting, the teams chemical dependency professional will provide the defendant with the DUI Court Program handbook and discuss in general the program requirements.  It is the responsibility of the defendant to review the handbook in its entirety.