Flood Maps

Please Note

Accuracy of products varies. Vertical datum of BFE conversions is needed from previous maps.

Current Maps

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Maps

Federal Flood Insurance Rate maps are available on the FEMA website, in addition to community numbers, and base flood elevations.
Flood Maps
How to determine if you are in a Flood Hazard Zone:
  1. Go to FEMA's website
  2. Click on Product Catalog
  3. Click FEMA Issued Flood Maps, Latest Available Maps
  4. Sequentially select State, County, and Community.
  5. Click "Get FEMA Issued Flood Maps"
  6. Choose your panel and click the green button
This will show the Flood Hazard Zone Map for the area you have requested. Maps can be printed, just follow the instructions.

Flood Hazard Mapping

The Flood Control Zone District has provided FEMA with scientific data to increase the resolution and accuracy of the flood hazard mapping for:
  • Ahtanum Creek
  • Naches River
  • Wide Hollow Creek