Yakima County District Court accepts electronic filings for the following case types:  Civil Suits, Small Claims and Vehicle Impounds.  To electronically file you must have an account with TrueFiling.  You can sign up on the TrueFiling website:     

You can submit new cases and documents on existing cases that were initiated after July 26, 2016.  Please note, we will not accept documents filed on a case that was initiated prior to July 26, 2016 in TrueFiling.  You must submit those documents in paper format. 

Electronic Filing - Costs and Fees

No Convenience Fees

There is no cost to the filer to submit electronic filings through the TrueFiling website.  You will be required to pay any statutory filing fees associated with your filing.  

Credit Card Processing Fees

If you choose to pay with a credit card through TrueFiling there is a processing fee of 2.85% of the statutory filing fee plus .35 cents. 

Pay at Court

If you want to avoid paying the processing fees, you can choose the pay at court option. If you choose this option, you must remit payment to the Court within 48 hours of your filing submission excluding weekends and holidays if you are in Yakima County.  If you are outside of Yakima County, you must remit payment to the court within 96 hours of your filing submission excluding weekends and holidays. 


TrueFiling Resources

TrueFiling Training Series on YouTube

This training series is a collection of 20 videos, each approximately 1 minute long.  The topics covered in these videos include registering your firm with TrueFiling to submitting a filing. To access the videos click here.

TrueFiling Video - Yakima County District Court

This video provides some useful information on filing using Yakima County's TrueFiling solution.   To access this training video click here.


Registering for TrueFiling
TrueFiling Filing Instructions

TrueFiling Support

Site troubleshooting & technical support:  (855)959-8868 or via email at     

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