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Building & Fire Safety

  1. Federal Air Rules for Reservations (PDF)

Education & Public Outreach Working Group

  1. Education and Public Outreach Working Group Reports

Emergency Management - Disaster Recovery

  1. FEMA Response and Recovery

Emergency Management - Emergency Alert System

  1. Emergency Alert System Information

Emergency Management - Road and Highway Information/Closures

  1. Emergency Highway Closures (WSDOT)

  2. Mountain Pass Information (WSDOT)

Emergency Medical Services Board

  1. Yakima County Emergency Medical Services

Human Resources - Employment

  1. Women in Public Service

Human Resources - Home Page

  1. Employment Verification through Vault Verify

Juvenile Court - Truancy

  1. Truancy Forms

Naches-Tieton Road Improvement Project

  1. Vicinity Map (PDF)

  2. Work Zone Safety

Selah Parks and Recreation Service Area

  1. Selah Park and Recreation Service Area

Small Works Roster

  1. Small Works Roster

Transportation - Engineering

  1. Bids

Transportation - Right-of-Way

  1. Yakima County Parcel Data

Yakima County Clean Air Authority

  1. Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency

Yakima County Veteran’s Advisory Committee

  1. Yakima County Veterans Program

Yakima Valley Regional Library Board

  1. Yakima Valley Libraries